Opening a family house towards the outside

With the renovation, the interior and exterior spaces of the house were connected.
The terrace offers the small living room a vitally needed extension into the outdoor area, and due to the staircase that looks like a spectator stand it becomes a type of intermediary space connecting the interior and the garden.
The result of the renovation is a contrast between the new and the old: the steel becomes construction material, the titanium-zinc sheet serves as a roof and a rim, and the translucent plastic-coated fabric on a steel substructure assumes the role of a garden fence.
The central motif of the living room is the fireplace, integrated into a bench made of graphite gray terrazzo.
The kitchen cupboards are simple, have no unnecessary features, are durable, and are suitable for frequent use.
The new staircase is a functional connecting addition; an implant that completely changes the operation of the entire house: after the renovation, the floors are separate, and each one functions as its own world.
TIP PROJEKTA: Contract NAROČNIK: Private LOKACIJA: Kranj, Slovenia LETO PROJEKTA: 2005 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen STATUS: Completed
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