A platform where city folk can hang out

Renovated Čufar Square quickly became a central public area for locals, who define its importance and content themselves. This can include getting together on a daily basis for a cup of coffee or to sit on the benches, concerts, flea markets, artistic events, and child’s play among the jets of water.
The choreography of jets of water, streams of light, and sounds of rushing water creates a unique atmosphere.

Water nozzles and lights are built into the ground in a way that enables good walkability, light effects, and water resistance.
The asphalt and white color enable a good visual effect and simple long-term maintenance despite low costs. The solution was extremely durable: in eight years the surface has not been repainted even once.
With this renovation, the Municipality of Jesenice attracted attention in a number of international publications, including The Ultimate Landscape Design (2005) and a special edition of Topos (European Landscape Architecture from 2000 to 2005).
TIP PROJEKTA: Invited competition, first prize NAROČNIK: Municipality of Jesenice LOKACIJA: Jesenice, Slovenia LETO PROJEKTA: 2003 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Matej Kučina and Jernej Černe STATUS: Completed
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