The Slovenian Electricity Distributor Technology Center

The Slovenian electric power distributor headquarters is a precisely designed and well-thought-out high-tech structure that rises above the landscape as a prominent element of corporate identity.
Various functions of the new center (from parking and warehousing to production and management) are wrapped by a transparent envelope that connects various volumes into a uniform structure and at the same time prevents them from overheating.
The corporate entrance is an integral part of the parking level.
The common area spans two floors, opening up as the connecting core of the structure. There are conference rooms, kitchenettes, and a green roof placed along it—these are all areas shared by the employees.
The office area opening up towards the green roof offers the best light and temperature conditions to perform intellectually demanding teamwork.
The control center is the heart of the new building. This is where the flow of electric power across Slovenia and within the European Electricity Grid will be managed.
The excess heat is pulled away by groundwater flowing through a concrete-core thermal activation system. Overheating is prevented by shades and the green roof.

The heat pump makes it possible to capture the heat from the groundwater; heating is also supplemented with waste energy from computer servers and by recycling waste air from the offices.
TIP PROJEKTA: Open competition, first prize NAROČNIK: Elektro-Slovenija d.o.o. POVRŠINA OBMOČJA: 24.194 POVRŠINA GRADNJE: 12.500 SKUPNA POVRŠINA TAL: 30.29 LOKACIJA: Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Miha Dobrin, Jure Balentin, Matic Blatnik, Miha Brezavšček, Tomaž Budkovič, Jana Kraševec, Boris Matić, Peter Sovinc, and Jernej Šipoš (ARCHITECTURE); Genera (HVAC); Enplus (OPTIMIZATION); Landscape (LANDSCAPING) STATUS: Building permit acquired
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