Business premises of the growing communications service supplier

The business premise is a simple, but effective work environment, in which the work table developed especially for it functions as the basic building block of connection and team work.
All of the elements of the work environment are made of three types of material: birch plywood, transparent Lexan, and metal substructure.
The rooms are separated by translucent Lexan, which also serves as sound barrier and a visual connecting element of the work environment.
Work stations made from birch plywood seem bigger due to the metal shelves above them that provide room for power cords, lights, and network connections.
Due to visible fixtures the rooms have a technologically interesting appearance.
TIP PROJEKTA: Contract NAROČNIK: Privat LOKACIJA: Slovenska cesta, Ljubljana LETO PROJEKTA: 2011 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Matic Blatnik, Jure Balentin, and Jernej Šipoš STATUS: Completed
  • Photo: Bor Dobrin
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