The square as a city tool

As one of the best-preserved Arab settlements, Fez was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With its well-thought-out shading and ventilation system, the city is a giant air conditioner that protects its residents from extreme temperatures.
The proposed renovation refers to Lalla Yeddouna Square, which connects the left and right banks of the city along the Fez River.

The analysis of temperature conditions showed extremely high surface temperatures and therefore the project is primarily based on typological and climatic considerations.
As part of the renovation, the square is planned to be divided into two levels: the upper: (winter) and the lower: (year-round). The squares are connected with three atriums planted following the model of traditional gardens: with a shady mulberry tree above and with typical citrus trees below.
The lower square is connected with the river. The difference in elevation between the lower and upper square and the surface of the river creates good conditions for ventilation and thus cools both squares
The upper square can be used in the summer thanks to the hanging shades that echo the ones fitted at other locations in the city.
TIP PROJEKTA: International competition NAROČNIK: Government of the Kingdom of Morocco POVRŠINA GRADNJE: 2700 m2 LOKACIJA: Fez, Morocco LETO PROJEKTA: 2010 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Miha Dobrin, Jure Balentin, Matic Blatnik, Miha Brezavšček, Tomaž Budkovič, Katarina Hostar, Jana Kraševec, Boris Matić, Eva Matjašič, and Jernej Šipoš STATUS: Competition entry, 340 submitted, selected as one of the second round of thirty applicants
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