A bridge for bold travelers

The temporary spatial installation provides travelers the opportunity to experience a virtual walk on water.
The monumental staircase ends with the lake, where the invisible bridge begins.
What makes the walkway to and from the island so attractive is the fact that it does not run either under or over the water.
The walkway is designed as a float bridge attached to the bottom of the lake so that it is covered with 10 cm of water.
Travelers cross the distance to the island as though walking on water.
Getting to the island is a unique experience and a personal reference to the Biblical story.

TIP PROJEKTA: Contract NAROČNIK: Privat LOKACIJA: Bled, Slovenia LETO PROJEKTA: 2010 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Matic Blatnik and Miha Brezavšček STATUS: Conceptual design
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