The building of the central national library

Remnants of the Roman town of Emona mark the entrance to the library, where visitors can buy books or souvenirs, view the exhibition, meet for coffee, or gather before talks.
The new library has a large volume that is adapted to the local surroundings as a complex of three interconnected unique buildings.
Individual volumes have a similar visual image, which creates a spatial dialogue with the existing buildings and gives a special character to the entire urban area.
The terraced square connects the city level with the remnants of Roman Emona and can also be used as an amphitheater for various events
The entrance reading room is a large city gathering area with an exceptional view of the Old Town and Ljubljana Castle.

The reading rooms are stacked one above the other and located right next to the open stacks. They share a view of the Old Town roofs, the city skyline, and the Karawank Mountains. The abundance of northern light reduces the use of electricity.

Three library volumes (i.e., the reading room, the material in open stacks, and the archive) are separated by openings that let light into the interior, while at the same time enabling communication.

The multipurpose hall with a spectacular view of the city can be used for ceremonial and commercial events, which offers an additional source of income to the library.
Good architectural design and appropriate technical solutions (double, ventilated facades, electricity production, recycling, and low-temperature radiant heating) ensure consumption at the level of ultra-low-energy buildings.
TIP PROJEKTA: Open competition, award NAROČNIK: Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology POVRŠINA GRADNJE: 3.100 m2 LOKACIJA: Ljubljana, Slovenia LETO PROJEKTA: 2012 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Miha Dobrin, Boris Matić, Jernej Šipoš, Miha Brezavšček, Alexander Niño Ruiz, Rebeka Bučinel, Matic Blatnik, Eva Matjašič, Tomi Maslovarič, Bine Karol Tekavec (ARCHITECTURE), Doris Dekleva Smrekar (LIBRARY MATTERS), Metod Frilc (VISUAL IMAGE), CBD (CONSTRUCTION), EnPlus (OPTIMIZATION), Landscape (LANDSCAPING), Lars Bylund (LIGHTS), and Andrej Srna (FIRE PROTECTION) STATUS: Competition entry
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