A sports epicenter of an ambitious local community

The carefully altered terrain and thoughtful positioning of themed areas connect the new sports park and the lake into a beautiful landscape complex.
The big roof above both stadiums and the transparent volume of the sports hall give a home to a multitude of sports and service programs.
The track and field stadium is placed beneath the soccer stadium stands, offering a nice view of the lake and the landscape design.
The roof reflects the developments in the stadium and emphasizes the visual power of sports spectacles.
The sports hall is surrounded by a belt of public space with pubs, meeting places, and shops. This is an “intermediary” zone that largely prevents overheating in summer, reduces heat loss in winter, and offers significant energy savings
TIP PROJEKTA: Public competition NAROČNIK: Municipality of Velenje POVRŠINA GRADNJE: 4400 m2 LOKACIJA: Velenje, Slovenia LETO PROJEKTA: 2010 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Miha Dobrin, Jure Balentin, Matic Blatnik, Miha Brezavšček, Ilka Čerpes, Jana Kraševec, Boris Matić, and Jernej Šipoš STATUS: Competition entry
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