Quality living along an arterial city road

Through clever orientation of the thirty-two apartments and their distribution along the cross section, the majority of apartments have extremely good living conditions, even though the building stands on a main city street. The high level of residential quality is complemented by parking areas, a private garden with a statue, and a small urban park
Business premises and smaller apartments face the street, whereas larger apartments face away from the arterial road. Various types of apartments follow one another in a logical order throughout the building, concluding on top with bi-level apartments with terraces.
The glassed-in wooden terrace serves as an extension of the apartment and a type of an intermediate space separating the exterior from the interior. It can be opened into a balcony if needed.
The high quality of the real estate is also communicated through the skillfully designed facade, which comes across as better, more uniform, and timeless with every passing year. Thus after a few years, the apartments at Vienna Corner have retained their value despite the significant fall in the average prices on the real-estate market.
TIP PROJEKTA: Contract NAROČNIK: Mreža JIT, d. o. o. POVRŠINA GRADNJE: 830 m2 LOKACIJA: Ljubljana, Slovenia LETO PROJEKTA: 2006 PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Blenkuš, Miloš Florijančič, Marko Studen, Jernej Černe, Katarina Štok and Blaž Rupar STATUS: Completed
  • Foto: Miran Kambič
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