The capital’s administrative center

The municipal and state administration are currently housed at thirty-two different locations in the city. The new administrative center will offer these dispersed services in one place.
Merging the municipal and state administration will enable the locals to take care of all their administrative errands in one place at once.
The location on the city ring is accessible to everyone: on foot, by bicycle, public transport, and car.
The central area comprises a covered interior square with a children’s play area, a café, exhibition rooms, ATMs, post office, and the entrances to the restaurant and the Old Sugar Refinery building. Municipal and state administration offices are distributed along the atrium’s rim.
The employees’ offices are modern, open, and transparent, encouraging the employees to communicate with one another and work together. Because the offices also open up towards the central atrium, the work processes are transparent to the public.
TIP PROJEKTA: Open competition, first prize NAROČNIK: City of Ljubljana POVRŠINA GRADNJE: 38.000 m2 LOKACIJA: Ljubljana, Slovenia LETO PROJEKTA: 2009– PROJEKTNA SKUPINA: Marko Studen, Miha Dobrin, Ilka Čerpes, Boris Matić, Jure Balentin, Matic Blatnik, Ana Ivšič, Peter Sovinc, Jure Hrovat (ARCHITECTURE), Gravitas (CONSTRUCTION), Genera (HVAC, ELECTRICAL FITTINGS), Enplus (OPTIMIZATION), and Landscape (LANDSCAPING) STATUS: co
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